Together, Let's Redefine 'Family'

The word ‘Family’ is one of the most emotionally charged words in the dictionary. In just 6 letters, and because of all the connotations attached to it, all kinds of different, beautiful and crazy feelings get stirred up when we hear that word. After all, life is complicated, and so is family. Traditionally, family means blood. It has been a word reserved for the people you share a genetic connection with. But why should such a wonderful word- and such wonderful feelings- be restricted to such a small category? Family can mean anything, to anyone. There is a beauty in getting to decide what such a word means for you, what family is to you.

In its broadest sense, family means love, it means comfort, it is an anchor in an unpredictable and often disorienting world. And as we move forward in time, we get to decide where our happiness comes from. It is in the ways friends celebrate our successes, in the thoughtful gestures of our partners, in the excitement on a pet’s face when we come back from a trip. It is in the big things, the life moments we share with others, but also- and most importantly- in the little ones; in the laughs we share, the hugs we give, the nights spent laughing and pampering with friends. And, at the end of the day, that is what family is. It is caring and striving for someone’s well-being no matter what. It is having someone who takes care of you, and taking care of them in return. It is loving unconditionally, it is being happy, it is being alive.

Vivacy is family. We are born from a family, one we’ve created for ourselves, and we strive to become a family for others. We believe in caring for people, in contributing in their well-being. We want to be a part in bringing happiness, in forming meaningful relationships through trust and loyalty.

Together, let’s redefine ‘Family’.

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