Follow These Steps To Lose Your Pregnancy Fat

To all you new moms out there, we know how hard it can be to balance a normal life and a newborn baby, let alone try to incorporate a workout schedule within your daily routine. This is why we’ve come up with a list of exercises that are easy to do whenever you have some free time at home and will help you get back to your pre-baby body in no time!

Squats Squats will help you burn fat in your hips, legs, and butt, while toning and shaping these areas as well. Stand with your feet pointing straight and shoulder-width apart, and squat down as if you are about to sit on a chair. While squatting, don’t let your knees surpass your feet. Start with 3 sets of 10 reps, and work your way up to more slowly.

Curl-ups This exercise will help you burn belly fat and tone your stomach area. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor and shoulder width apart. With your hands curled around your ears and your stomach sucked in, lift your torso up until you reach your knees and back down again. Do 3 sets of 10 reps.

Bicep curls For this exercise, you will need a pair of dumbbells, in whatever weight you are comfortable with. Hold your arms straight by your sides with a dumbbell in each hand and your palms facing forward. Bend your arms back and forth, while making sure that your elbow stays in the same place. This exercise will help strengthen your arms and biceps.

Bicycle crunches Bicycle crunches target both your upper and lower abs, as well as your legs, making them the perfect exercises to do when you don’t have a lot of time to workout. They require you to lie flat on your back and rest your hands behind your neck. Lift your knees inwards towards your chest while lifting your shoulders off the floor. Alternate between bringing your left elbow towards your right knee, and your right elbow towards your left knee. Start with 2 sets of 10, and then work your way to more sets once you build strength.

Kegels These exercises don’t technically make you lose fat, they are rather meant to tone your bladder muscles in order to prevent the leaks that are usually associated with post-childbirth. They can be done at any time, and for however long, and simply consist of contracting and holding your pelvic floor muscles.

These were a few exercises that you can try out once your doctor has given you an all-clear to work out in order to build up strength and start losing weight after having given birth!

For any post-childbirth essential you might need, you can check out our website here.

Good luck on this new journey!

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