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Hello !


Vivacy was born out of pure desire to encourage and support you to live healthy, balanced and active lives. To help you nurture your well-being and the one of your loved ones.  So we could all live our lives to the fullest!


Our mission is to provide a reliable resource for well-being through carefully selected high quality products, trusted expert advice, and a genuine, friendly community of the like-minded where each individual matters.


We are inspired to support you in feeling great about yourself: in feeling happy, healthy, beautiful, vibrant and balanced in your everyday life. And we are committed to providing you the tools you need to lead such a life.


Welcome to Vivacy, once again. We hope you will join us on a mission to create more vivacity in our lives.


Vivaciously yours,


Rhea Taktouk

Founding Partner of Vivacy

(especially in a woman) the quality of being attractively lively and animated.