With Fall Comes Change: Transition Your Beauty Routine From Summer To Fall

September 20, 2018

Fall is a magical time of year: Gone are the sweaty months of Summer, replaced by a dryer and chillier atmosphere. With that change also comes changes to our skin, and the ways in which we care for it. That being said, we’ve come up with 6 easy-to-follow tips and tricks for you to successfully transition your beauty routine from summer to fall, and start this new season fresh and glowing.




It all starts with a cleanse

From summer to fall, one of the most important products to switch out in your beauty routine is your cleanser. While summer months usually mean heavier cleansers that will strip your skin from any oils, impurities or dirt that have accumulated on it, the fall months require something a little gentler. You can opt for a product that is water or oil based, so that it can cleanse your skin while still maintaining a hydrating glow to it.



The thicker, the better

As mentioned previously, the shift from summer to fall is characterized by a sudden dryness that directly affects our skin. That’s where moisturizer comes into play. For the upcoming months, switch your regular moisturizer for a heavier one, preferably with ceramides and hyaluronic acid, which will give you all the hydration that your skin is craving. If you don’t feel like putting on a heavy moisturizer in the morning, you can use a night cream which will hydrate your skin while you’re getting your beauty sleep!



Mask it up

Masks are a great product to add to your fall routine, for the days where your skin is feeling extra dry, or you just feel like pampering yourself. Whether you want to get rid of impurities or add an extra dash of glow and hydration to your skin, masks can do that for you. You can even use hair masks when your hair is feeling dull and dry!



Scrub, scrub, scrubbin' it away

With the transition from summer to fall also comes a transition in our tan. And as sad as we are to see it go, we’re even sadder when it disappears in patches. This is why exfoliation is key in the tricky months when your tan is mostly gone, but not quite. Remember to use a gentle scrub on your skin though, so as not to irritate it! You can also add a self-tanning lotion to your routine every few weeks, as a way to keep your glow going.




Even if we’re moving away from sunny days, SPF should still be an essential part of your beauty routine! While it’s not necessary to go in the 50s, an SPF 30 base, either as a stand-alone or within your moisturizer, should become an unskippable part of your daily routine!



Hair care central

Hair loss is pretty common in the summer months due to the extreme weather conditions. This is why you should take special care of your scalp in fall to restore the damage done to it. This could be done through oil massages, hair masks but also by staying hydrated and maintaining a healthy diet.


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