Skin Care Tips for Cancer Patients

October 18, 2018


Chemotherapy’s toll on the body is two-fold: While on the one hand, it rids the body of its cancerous cells, it can also have an effect on the skin, making it extremely dry, sensitive and prone to irritation. Today we wanted to share with you some tips in order to prevent irritation and restore your skin while going through cancer treatment.


Avoid hot showers

Hot showers can make your skin drier and actually make things worse if your skin is already inflamed. So whenever you’re showering or bathing, try to control the water’s temperature and, afterward, remember to pat your skin dry, and not rub it so as not to irritate it more.


Use gentler products

Along with regulating water temperature, you should also substitute your synthetic products with gentler ones, such as fragrance-free soap or even extra soft detergent. The goal is to protect your skin as much as possible from any extra irritation that it might face.


Moisturize regularly

Moisturizer is the key ingredient to repairing your dry and damaged skin. Go for thicker formulas, like creams and ointments which have humectants and occlusives in them, ingredients that lock the moisture into your skin. Remember to reapply moisturizer throughout the day, and particularly after washing your hands as the water will zip the moisture from them.


Don’t forget sun protection

Some cancer patients run at a higher risk of sunburn because of their treatments. This is why SPF should always be a priority. An SPF 30 protection can do the job just fine, just make sure the product used protects against both UVA and UVB rays.


Pay special attention to your nails

If your nails have become dry and brittle, and are breaking off easily, you can use an oil-based product that will moisturize and fortify them. Cuticle cream should also be used around the nails as a way to ensure a moisturized skin all around. And remember to always wear gloves whenever you’re working with your hands, so as not to damage them.

If you or someone you know is going through cancer, we hope these tips were helpful and that your treatment will be successful! If you’re interested in procuring yourself some of the products mentioned above, you can visit our website here, and if you’re not sure which product will suit your skin best, you can ask our expert’s advice through the online chat option on our website.

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