Skincare Survival Tips to Overcome the Summer Heat

With every change in season comes a change in our skin. That’s especially true for the summer months, which makes our skin oilier, more easily irritated and more confusing to take care of using a regular skincare routine. That being said, we wanted to share with you some skincare survival tips to overcome the summer heat and get your best skin possible for the remaining months of summer.

Lighten up your skincare routine

Because summer means heat and humidity, a lighter skincare routine will fare much better for your skin. Switch out your heavy creams for foaming options for example, or your foundations for BB Creams. Try also using products without pore-clogging ingredients. A lighter version of any product will sit better on your skin and will help you avoid irritation and occlusion of your pores.

Exfoliate more often

For smoother skin and better makeup application, add more exfoliation to your skincare routine. It will get rid of the oil and dirt that usually builds up on the skin during summer, and leave a smooth, unclogged canvas for the rest of your routine.

Keep on moisturizing!

Even though your skin might already feel too clammy for it, it’s very important to use moisturizer in the summer to protect your skin from irritation and subsequent dryness. Switch out your heavy cream for a more lightweight option that includes SPF, in order to incorporate two important steps into one.

Add a face mist to your routine

In the summer months, nothing feels better than a face mist - particularly one that has multiple functions. Whether it’s for cooling, hydrating, toning or soothing purposes, face mists are a great addition to a summer skincare routine.

Keep on hydrating!

The most important tip of all is to stay hydrated! Even though this is true of any season, drinking water is especially important in the summer months when your skin needs all the hydration it can get.

We hope these tips were useful, and that you will be mindful of your skincare routine for the upcoming months to protect your skin and give it the glow it deserves! If you want to stock up on new products for your new routine, you can visit our website here. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy your last month of summer!

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